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Just a regular Saturday!


Easter season is never promising when it comes to Nightlife in Oslo. People normally travels, Clubs and Restaurants are the first ones to get hit. Nothing that is a big surprise, it is what it is.

But regardless and unexpectedly we got jammed.

The night started promising from the moment I got in, to setup my equipment, even if I only start at 22h, there was already people dancing to the Club Spotify list. They are very smart, knowing which DJ is coming, they normally play the appropriated soundtrack. I started with some afrobeat’s, and soon more people start joining to the party, some old-school RnB hits, and some sing along tracks after, I wanted to see where I could take them. I got greedy and thought some new reggaeton tracks would work, but they kind throw some people out. I normally do not stress, especially because it is still relatively early.

Around 00h I turn the volume a bit up and hit them with some classics remixed, tracks that everyone knows and likes but no one admits. Volume up, was time for increase the Bpm and play some more Future House based tracks, smoke machine and I could only see arms in the air. It went fast, and soon was 3am, I felt accomplish and was ready to pack everything. Never forgetting to thank the staff I left thinking what I could do better next time and of course looking forward to it.

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